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Dinkins Financial is proud to have the backing of the Small Business Administration (SBA). An SBA loan, guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, is intended for many applications, such as purchasing land, a building or equipment, or contemplating development in other areas of the industry, refinancing a current property, performing renovations, acquiring an existing business - or a blend of any of these purposes.

Small Business Loan Applications

Small Business Administration loans from Dinkins Financial provide multiple benefits over conventional bank funding, such as the ability to extend repayment terms and reduce the down payment amount. The result is your business spending less on debt repayment and saving more for operational costs and cash flow. If you are concerned about qualifying for an SBA loan, let us determine that for you, at no cost to you, through our network of lenders who are experts in this field.

Term Highlights and Advantages

Loans are offered for up to $5 million. We provide competitive rates, both fixed and variable. You can get full amortization on up to 90 percent financing with a 25-year term. For a 15-year term, we offer up to 80 percent financing. There are no ballooning or pre-payment penalties, either. We want you to be comfortable with loan terms and completely understand them so you have the best possible experience working with us.

We can help you find the right SBA loan to work for your needs and your business. Let our experts guide you through the process to qualify for a loan and get the funding you need to invest in your business and make it a success.

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