About Dinkins Financial

We Are Transforming Business Lending


It’s no secret. Getting growth capital can be difficult.

Low credit scores, cash flow problems and a lack of collateral prevent business owners from getting the loans and financing they need.

This is where Dinkins Financial comes in.

  • We are an experienced, well connected team that is transforming the ways business owners gain access to much-needed capital.

  • We provide a variety of financing options and a proficient, customized process that focuses on the needs and circumstances of individual borrowers.

  • We focus on speed and timely loan execution – a key to our clients’ success.

Our mission

Dinkins Financial exists to support the success of individual businesses by providing capital solutions that enable them to pursue growth plans, generate new revenue, and increase productivity and cost savings.

Our vision

Servant Leadership: We serve to enhance the growth and well being of business owners and their organizations, thereby enhancing the communities in which they work and serve.

Leading with our values

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a business financing company. We never lose sight of what matters most – being a servant to our Lord and Savior and living a life that brings glory to Him. On judgment day, the Lord will not ask about the success of Dinkins Financial.

We act with integrity and honesty, and pursue the highest standards of excellence in all we do and say, thereby maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients and lenders.

How we are paid

Securing a small business loan without expert guidance can be a time-consuming, frustrating and often unsuccessful process. There are studies indicating that 70% of small businesses have seasonal cash flow problems, and 70% of the time when an owner goes to a bank for a loan, they are declined. These are the reasons there are so many small business loan brokers.

Further, the amount (and way) small business loan brokers charge for their services varies greatly. With some, borrowers make loan payments to the broker directly, and brokers tack on their fees to those loan payments. Others require up-front payment in order to secure their services.

Dinkins Financial has a different approach

We have negotiated fees with most of our lenders and the lenders pay us directly for bringing them an asset – your business loan. We are paid only if your loan is funded and we are paid by the lender, not you. You have to be presented a loan offer you want to sign, with terms, collateral and covenants you are willing to accept. And the lender must have a borrower that meets their criteria for risk tolerance. All parties are aligned for the greater good.

Our lender portfolio

We work closely with a portfolio of lenders representing more than 50 banks, specialty finance companies and investors nationwide. Our lenders know we act with integrity because we want to have an ongoing relationship with them.

We understand the types of borrowers they each seek, and the metrics they use to determine if a borrower qualifies for a loan. We know the decision makers personally, and will pick up the phone to discuss your business needs with them. Instead of being someone in a pile of loan applications, you have an advocate who moves you to the top of the stack. See our article called Insider Secrets to Accessing Capital for Your Business. It explains how to present your business and needs to a lender, and most important, how critical it is to address up front in the process if there is anything about your credit profile that may be an issue.

We know what information a lender will want to see from you. We ensure you have it, that it is organized, and discuss it with the lender as your advocate. Read more about our thorough process in our article called Think Like a Lender and Get the Financing You Need.

Key to our process is that we match borrowers with lenders we know are interested in lending to a specific type and size of business, with certain performance metrics, and who know we have prepared borrowers in advance. Through our method, you are fully prepared for the underwriting process. We present your opportunity to only one lender at a time, so that both parties know we are confident and have aligned a good match. This also limits the time and stress of borrowing the funds you need.

Our reputation is a small business asset

Dinkins Financial works to get your deal done the right way, the first time, with lenders who know us - and who we know pursue lending opportunities like yours. We are also there for you after your loan is funded to continue assisting you with one-on-one consultation and ongoing insights through The Dinkins Edge, which we encourage you to join today.

Affiliations and appointments

Our President and CEO Michael Dinkins holds the following affiliations:


Business Advisor - Exodus Commercial Capital

Board of Directors - Community Health Systems (NYSE:CYH)

Board of Directors - Crane Co. (NYSE:CR)

Board of Directors - National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

Elder and Sunday School Teacher - Rockbridge Church, Allen, Texas