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Do CPAs have a role in small business financing?

At Dinkins Financial, we believe the answer is yes, especially in today’s environment.

Lenders of many stripes are vying for revenue opportunities that may result in unhealthy outcomes for small business owners. Help your clients avoid mistakes.

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As a financial advisor, you can lead your clients to a safe lender who can help them expand operations, purchase equipment, restructure debt, and much more.

Why your clients need guidance

The most recent Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS), a national collaboration of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, illustrates financing challenges faced by small business owners in communities across the United States. Here are a few highlights:

  • Small business owners tended to choose lenders based on their perceived chance of being funded, rather than on what really matters to the business – the cost and terms of the loan.

  • Approximately 54% of credit applicants did not receive all of the funding they sought, and 23% were declined, receiving no funding at all.

  • Bank applicants were most dissatisfied with wait times for credit decisions.

  • Applicants to online lenders were most dissatisfied with high interest rates.

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The right lender cares about small business success, fast funding - and increasing financial planning transparency between CPAs and their small business clients.


See how we help CPAs avoid bad

news phone calls.

Nothing is worse for a CPA than realizing your calculations are right and it’s going to be bad news for your small business client. A fellow financial advisor who assists companies with their financing needs can help you circumvent the need for phone calls like that. Read more…

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Contact us for details about how we can answer your small business clients’ financing needs through our transformative lending processes.

Vet us personally and see if you believe we are a right-fit lender for your clients.

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Dinkins Financial does more than help business owners get funded. We nurture fiscal health by advising borrowers on executing business plans, monitoring financials, and maintaining fluid reporting processes with tax preparers.

Few lending institutions offer Michael Dinkins’ breadth of expertise and connections for the sole purpose of scaling small businesses:

  • Finance industry veteran of more than 40 years

  • Financial expert under New York Stock Exchange requirements

  • Nationwide network of banks, lending institutions and private investors

  • $3 billion in debt financing as both a lender and borrower

  • Closed more than 20 complex leveraged debt or equity financings

  • Guided integration of global companies through mergers and acquisitions

  • Capital lending management oversight for GE Capital

  • CFO for five different public and privately held companies

  • CPA and CMA certifications